Dental Implant Restoration

When a tooth is missing, another option to replace the missing space is to have a dental implant placed. Dr. Ledford will refer you to either an oral surgeon or periodontist to have an implant placed and you will then return to our office to have the implant restored. The oral surgeons and periodontists who Dr. Ledford will refer you to have had years of advanced training in placing dental implants and provide the very best care for our patients. There are many different ways to restore dental implants. Some options may include attaching a single crown to an implant, attaching a bridge to an implant, or attaching a denture to several implants. In fact, dental implants are wonderful options for those patient who have difficulty keeping a lower denture in place.  Below, you will find pictures of restorations that are being retained or “held in place” by dental implants.


After Fixed Implant Denture